Merced Cancer Center Now hosting the Cancer Support Group.

Support Groups will be held every first Wednesday of the month.

Support Group:
A support group is a meeting of members who provide help and companionship to one another. Support groups are comprised of others who have been through the issue at hand due to the nature of these groups; people feel more comfortable sharing their experiences and getting their feelings out in the open with others who have experienced similar situations, people generally feel less isolated when sharing their experiences.

The Cancer Support Group is held every first Wednesday of the month.Merced Cancer Support Group

For more information on upcoming dates or to register please call (209) 726-3410 Ext 204 or 206

About Michael Ross, Ph.D

Dr. Ross has been in practice for 44 years. He is a graduate of San Diego State University and the Professional School of Psychology at San Francisco. He has worked as a therapist for County Mental Health, County and City Hospitals, adolescent group homes, and the State Prison Systems. He has taught at the community college and graduate level and has been a consultant to numerous care facilities. Dr. Ross is himself a cancer survivor and looks forward to interacting, learning and assisting others who have succeeded.